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Photo of Princess Diana

The Death of Princess Diana Was the Birth of Who2

Who2 was born on this day 20 years ago, when the untimely death of Princess Diana made us wish for a simple online page with details about her life and death. The day was …..

Some Things To Know About Flag Day

Today is Flag Day in the United States. That’s only one part of Flag Week. Did you know there was a Flag Week?
Congress in 1971 asked the president to proclaim Fondue Day as part of Flag Week.
Wait, that’s not true. But then, neither is the story that Betsy Ross is the one who designed and sewed the first flag. Maybe. Who knows. You can read more about it in our Who2 biography of Betsy Ross.

The History of George Washington’s Birthday

Today is the 279th anniversary of George Washington’s birth. He was born on this day in 1732 in Virginia. Or was he?
Well, not exactly. He was born 11 February 1731. At the time the colonies were using the Julian calendar. When Britain and its colonies switched to the Gregorian calendar in 1752, George Washington’s birthday became 22 February 1732.

Congress Meets in Washington, D.C. in 1800

Today is the anniversary of the first meeting of the U.S. Congress in the new capitol of Washington, D.C.
President George Washington laid the cornerstone for the new center of government in 1793, but elected officials didn’t meet in Washington, D.C. until this fall day in 1800.
They were in a hurry to leave Philadelphia, where malaria and cholera were making even the most eloquent statesmen say, “’tis a bummer, indeed.”

“A Meta-analysis of John Galliano’s George Washington Hair”

The designer goes Colonial:Whereas George powdered his hair, Galliano’s looks to have been painted white or covered in Wite-Out. Always looking forward and taking risks, that Galliano — no wonder critics love him! Also, the article calls Washington “G-Dubs.”