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The History of Black History Month

February of 2011 will be National African American History Month, as proclaimed by the president. President Barack Obama issued the proclamation yesterday, following a tradition started in 1976 by President …..

Presidents on TV: Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter

Here’s an amusing clip of former U.S. president Gerald Ford appearing on the television game show What’s My Line. At the time of his appearance he was still a congressman (and House Minority Leader). He signs in as the “mystery challenger,” and the panelists — including Gene Rayburn — are blindfolded. At the end he gets to do a little politickin’ on behalf of President Richard Nixon.

Ford Pardons Nixon, 1974

Today is the 35th anniversary of the full and absolute pardon of President Richard M. Nixon by his vice president and successor Gerald Ford.

Sara Jane Moore Speaks

Released from prison at the end of 2007 after serving 32 years, would-be presidential assassin Sara Jane Moore was interviewed by Matt Lauer on TV this week.Moore was sent to jail for taking a shot at President Gerald Ford in 1975. She says she’s tired of being thought of as “a kook, a monster… an alien.”

So Long, James Whitmore

“I find the process of making movies absolutely boring. It’s so fragmented. You wait and wait and wait and then, look, as Jack Lemmon says, ‘It’s magic time.’ In the theater, once the curtain goes up, the actor is in charge.” The actor James Whitmore has died at age 87 of lung cancer. He was diagnosed just before Thanksgiving.

Cavalcade of Shirtless Presidents!

Perhaps you’ve seen the remarkable photo of president-elect Barack Ab-ama, shirtless in Hawaii.The Huffington Post has now created a lovely slideshow of Other Shirtless Presidents.