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Fixing the Oscar Host Problem

In which we wade in, clean up the mess, and pick the perfect host for next year.

James Franco, Oscar Host

Host — and Best Actor nominee — James Franco has provided plenty of good stuff for fans of Oscar night, thanks to his embrace of a new Twitter account and his lively Facebook page:

Anne Hathaway and James Franco Host the Oscars (Plus Predictions!)

It took three views to figure out that James Franco shouts “wardrobe malfunction!” as he tackles Anne Hathaway at 0:21. But no problem: I’m there. I like both actors and I like how game they are in this promo. If you can’t get up for hosting the Oscars, why are you in showbiz?Let’s get right to the predictions for the Big Five Oscars of 2011 (well, 2010):

Eat Your Heart Out, Captain Hook

A resiliant Aron Ralston gets a laugh out of his missing right arm at the Australian premier of the movie 127 Hours on Monday night. The film stars James Franco …..

Robert Duvall Calls Stanley Kubrick “An Actor’s Enemy”

Dig this video from The Hollywood Reporter, featuring actors Jesse Eisenberg (he plays Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network), Mark Ruffalo and Robert Duvall.
Eisenberg talks about his experiences doing multiple takes for the movie’s director, David Fincher. Jesse Eisenberg puts a positive spin on the whole deal.

Why James Franco is Doing a Soap Opera

The short answer to why movie star James Franco is guest starring in at least ten installments of the daytime soap opera General Hospital? He thought it would be fun and challenging.
That’s according to this interview with the show’s executive producer, Jill Farren Phelps.

One Dream Rush

Diversion: Some liquor company somewhere had a contest of sorts called One Dream Rush. Filmmakers had 42 seconds to make a dreamy movie.The above link goes to the YouTube channel that features some of the short films, including ones by David Lynch and, oddly enough, James Franco.