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Anne Hathaway and James Franco Host the Oscars (Plus Predictions!)

It took three views to figure out that James Franco shouts “wardrobe malfunction!” as he tackles Anne Hathaway at 0:21. But no problem: I’m there. I like both actors and I like how game they are in this promo. If you can’t get up for hosting the Oscars, why are you in showbiz?

Let’s get right to the predictions for the Big Five Oscars of 2011 (well, 2010):

Lock of the Year: Colin Firth as best actor.  This guy’s earned a ton of goodwill, and 60% of the Academy will be voting for him because they’re still in love with the big lug as Mr. Darcy from 1995.  They’ve just been waiting for the right role.  This is it.

Best actressAnnette Bening.  A shocker. Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams and Jennifer Lawrence will split the youth vote, and everyone’s tired of voting for Nicole Kidman.

Best supporting actor: Christian Bale.  It seems like it’s about time, and he couldn’t have chewed the furniture harder in The Fighter.  Sometimes that’s enough for Oscar.

Best supporting actress:  Hardscrabble vet Melissa Leo also takes it for The Fighter, leaving a massively disappointed Helena Bonham Carter in her wake. Carter only took the role for the Oscar, after all.  You can put the goth-punk widow boots back on now, Ms. Bonham Carter!

Best picture:  I just love the 10-film field!  Best idea Oscar’s had in years.  This year the Oscar goes to The King’s Speech, godblessit, because it’s just that kind of film.  And any film where the big emotional climax turns out to be one guy standing in a small room, talking quietly, deserves everything it gets.

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