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Jack Chick Has Died and Gone To Heaven (Right?)

Jack Chick finally knows. He knows the secret of the afterlife, having died yesterday at age 92. Today he’s seated in heaven, feeling satisfied and rewarded for a job well done. Or …..

Wenlock and Mandeville Take Over the World

 The mascots of the 2012 Olympics are secret symbols from the true heirs of Jesus that signal an imminent messianic event. But are they cute?

Jesus Statue ‘Now Looks Like Terminator’

So said one commenter about the Jesus statue destroyed by lightning last night near Cincinnati.  The Springfield News-Sun has a great photo by Nick Graham:

Jesus Burns to the Ground Near Cincinnati

The “largest sculpture of Jesus Christ in America” was struck by lightning and consumed by fire near Cincinnati last night. 

Photo of Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton Was and Wasn’t Born on Christmas Day

Sir Isaac Newton is the Schrodinger’s Cat of birthday boys: He both was and wasn’t born on Christmas Day. And he both was and wasn’t born in 1642.How is, Mr. Man? How can be? Let’s talk it out.