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John Dillinger’s Fake Gun Sold

The wooden gun that gangster John Dillinger carved and then used to escape jail in Indiana in 1934 was sold at auction last December.
According to Heritage Auction Galleries, the “gun” went for $19,120. They also say there’s no way of knowing for sure if it’s the same hand-carved fake. There are two others vying for that title.
Carved into the side of the gun: “Colt 38.”

Dillinger to Henry Ford: Killer Cars, Dude!

Jalopnik proves that the famous testimonial letter from John Dillinger to Henry Ford (“Drive a Ford and watch other cars fall behind you”) was faked, probably by Ford itself.

Johnny Depp as Dillinger: Photos

Johnny Depp puts down the mascara and picks up a tommy gun for Public Enemies, the new action flick coming out this week.