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Barack Obama: “This Will Be My Final Campaign”

“This will be my final campaign, at least as a candidate.”So said Barack Obama in an email to supporters this morning, announcing that he’s filing the paperwork to run for president in 2012.

John Paul Stevens, Nice Guy

A clerk remembers retiring Justice John Paul Stevens: During William Rehnquist’s tenure as chief justice, a lawyer was
arguing in the court for the first time. When asked a question by
Justice Anthony Kennedy, the nervous lawyer started her response with,
“Well, Judge –Chief Justice Rehnquist interrupted her. “That’s
Justice Kennedy,” he said.

John Paul Stevens: The Coin Flip That Changed His Life

Art Seder: “When we graduated in 1947, the Northwestern faculty had an understanding with Justice Wiley Rutledge of the Supreme Court that he would take one Northwestern student as a law clerk.”But the faculty, Seder says, didn’t want to pick between him and Stevens.Seder: “So they asked us to flip a coin to decide who would go down to Washington as law clerk.”Nice piece from CPR on retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.

SCROTUS Update: John Paul Stevens

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is your newest Supreme Court Retiree Of The United States.