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Rock Stars, Then and Now

They’ve all held up in their own special way — some more special than others, of course.

Rolling Stone’s 11 Greatest Rock Feuds

Of course, Rolling Stone adds “of all time” to their title. That’s so we don’t get confused and start thinking they mean “greatest rock feuds of the Elizabethan Period.”
Here’s their gallery of the feuderists. They lead with Mick and Keef, two of the buncha guys who make up the Rolling Stones.

Joan Baez Falls Out of Her Own Treehouse

Now Joan Baez really has something in common with Keith Richards.  The folk legend is “resting comfortably” after falling out of her backyard treehouse yesterday.

Keith Richards, Voice of Moderation

You know you’ve got problems when you get a “booze ultimatum” from Keith Richards.Even China Daily is on the story.