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Don Draper Biography: Updated!

Don Draper is back for the fifth season of Mad Men. We’ve got his bio, plus quotes.

‘I Married a Mad Man’

I Married a Mad Man — a 2009 article by the wife of ad man Draper Daniels, the guy who Don Draper was supposedly, partly, modeled after.

Christina Hendricks Esquire Cover

Christina Hendricks and Esquire magazine go together. Hendricks — best known as Joan, the luscious take-charge secretary on the TV show Mad Men — is featured on the May 2010 cover of Esquire. It’s their annual ‘Women We Love’ issue.

Grandpa Gene Storms the Beaches

It won’t make anyone’s best-of-2009 list, but I got a snort out of this ad for — featuring Ryan Cutrona, the actor who played dotty Grandpa Gene in Mad Men.

The Family Circus = Mad Men?

From an interview with artist Jeff Keane about a new collection from the early days of ‘The Family Circus’:Q: When you look at the photos in the introduction, it’s a less flattering caricature in these initial strips than it is now.