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Don Draper Biography: Updated!

Don Draper is back for the fifth season of Mad Men.

A photo of Don Draper in his office, hands on desk, half-smiling at the camera

We do have a full Don Draper biography, now updated to include his marriage to his former secretary, Megan. We also have a few saucy photos of Draper and his alter ego, Jon Hamm.

Also, if you missed it, AMC has a complete and spoiler-laden recap of A Little Kiss, the first episode of season five. (Key moment: “In the conference room, Peggy’s pitch for a ballet of beans fails to impress the Heinz executives.”)  

Don’t miss the Don Draper quotes, including these winners:

“I hate to break it to you but there is no big lie. There is no system. The universe is indifferent.”


“The day you sign a client is the day you start losing them.”

Don is remarried now, and the video claims he’s happier, but he actually looks a little darker in the official photo from the Mad Men website:

Photo of Don Draper in close-up, with his hair slicked down severely, in a dark suit and white collar

Also, I can’t help but notice that Don’s new wife, Megan Calvet, is not included in the show’s official cast listing. The same list includes a whole bunch of minor characters like the departed Sal Romano and Freddy Rumsen, plus a whole raft of Don’s old girlfriends. No room for the new wife? Just an oversight, or a subtle indication that she’s not long for the show?

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