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Oh Lordy: Mark Sanford Again

It was Appalachian Trail time again this weekend for Gov. Mark Sanford.  He spent the weekend in Miami with his once (and future?) mistress, Maria Chapur.

Mark Sanford’s Good News, Bad News Week

South Carolina governor Mark Sanford had an interesting week.First he got the good news that he was not going to face impeachment. Instead, a legislative panel decided a firm rebuke would be enough punishment for his transgressions earlier in the year — namely, for when he disappeared for a few days to go see his non-wife “soul mate” in Argentina.Then he got the bad news that his wife of 20 years, Jenny Sanford, had filed for divorce, citing his adulterous affair as grounds.

The “Kobe Special”

“Hiking the Appalachian Trail” seemed to be a lock for Scandal Phrase of 2009.But here comes a late entrant: the Kobe Special. claims that Tiger Woods told a friend on Friday that he was going to need a “Kobe Special” to placate his wife Elin.

Governor Sanford’s Ethics Charges

According to this story from The State in Columbus, South Carolina, the governor there, Mark Sanford, faces 37 charges of ethics violations.The various charges boil down to using public funds imprudently. Reading between the lines — since the ethics charges themselves seem like small potatoes — we assume these charges are an attempt to make the governor suffer at least a little for last year’s ridiculous scandal.

Keeping Up With Governor Sanford

Jiminy, what next with South Carolina’s Mark Sanford? He’s made yet another emotional confession, this time to the Associated Press, to explain that when he said he’d met his mistress four times last year, he meant he’d met her five times.The new confession included his admission of two trips to New York City. “Multi-night stays” is how it’s described in the story.

Mark Sanford: Now Three Women?

In explaining his absence, two critical questions were left unanswered: Why would Sanford have been near Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Thursday, as his cell phone had indicated? It is 80 miles from the Appalachian Trail…

The Ongoing Saga of South Carolina’s Governor, Mark Sanford

Oh, South Carolina governor Mark Sanford — way to knock Jon and Kate off the front pages!First reports had Sanford as “missing.” Next came word he was “hiking the Appalachian Trail,” followed by a wave of “the media is making too big a deal of this!”Then it turned out he wasn’t hiking the Appalachian Trail, he was in Argentina. Because he likes to walk around by himself.