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Charlene Wittstock in a Red Cross Ball Gown – PHOTOS

Charlene Wittstock joined Prince Albert of Monaco last night at her very first Monte Carlo Red Cross Ball as the prince’s wife presumptive, if that’s the right title.  Let’s go to the Charlene Wittstock photos:

Photos of Charlene Wittstock, Monaco’s Future First Lady

Charlene Wittstock is officially engaged to Prince Albert of Monaco, says the royal palace. At age 52 the royal bachelor scalawag has finally decided to settle down with a fellow Olympian 20 years his junior.  (She swam in the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney; Albert was on the Monaco bobsled team in five straight Winter Olympics from 1988 through 2002.)We have photos of Charlene Wittstock, starting with the official engagement photos released by the Monaco royal palace.

Prince Rainier III + 5 Years

Prince Rainier III of Monaco died five years ago today. Prince Rainier ruled Monaco for just about 56 years, from 1949 until his death in 2005.  “Ruling” is a funny term for running Monaco, the sunny tax-free playground for the rich. Not that it’s easy to do well, but it’s also not exactly like “ruling” a traditional country.