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Sirhan Sirhan: No Parole, 13 Times and Counting

“Board members argued that Sirhan hasn’t spent enough time reflecting on his crime.”Sirhan Sirhan, the man who assassinated Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, has again been denied parole.It’s the 13th time Sirhan Sirhan has been denied parole. The “I was brainwashed” argument didn’t carry the day for him.

George Custer’s Last Flag Sells for $2.2 million

Yes, Sotheby’s in New York made headlines again today, with the sale of a 7th Cavalry standard (flag) that is one of the last remaining artifacts of the General Custer debacle at the 1863 Battle of Little Big Horn.

FBI Releases Ted Kennedy Files

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released a batch of files on the late Edward M. “Ted” Kennedy, many of which are threats to the senator going back to just after the 1968 murder of his brother, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.To access the files, go here.

Sirhan Sirhan is 66 Today

Sirhan Sirhan turns 66 years old today. He’s still in jail for killing Senator Robert F. Kennedy in 1968. Below is an brief interview with Sirhan from back then (“I’m not mentally ill, but I’m not perfect,” he says):

Celebs As Santa: The Rat Pack

In honor of Peter Lawford’s 25th deathday… the Rat Pack in holiday mode.

LBJ Talks to Ted

From the Houston Chronicle: A page with links to audio of President Lyndon B. Johnson calling Ted Kennedy on the occasion of his brother John’s death in 1963, and again on the occasion of his brother Bobby’s death in 1968.