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How Sherlock Holmes Came Alive

What tricks did Arthur Conan Doyle use to bring blood to the veins of his famous detective?

Heather Graham Spotted in London Without Carrot Top – PHOTOS

And thank heavens.Last week we saluted her appearance at the DVD release party for The Hangover, where she was joined for a frightening moment by comedian Carrot Top.This week she’s in London for the launch of the new Sherlock Holmes feature.  She doesn’t appear to be jet-lagged.  Heather Graham photos follow.

Obama, Sherlock Holmes, and Afghanistan

Today’s Mike Lupica column expresses exactly how I feel about sending more troops to Afghanistan.You know when we are going to be out of Afghanistan, where the United States has become just one more losing road team? Sometime around the 12th of Never. The more who die there, the more we send over.

Robert Downey Jr. IS Sherlock Holmes

One bit of good news out of the Guy Ritchie divorce chatter: Turns out Ritchie is busy filming a new Sherlock Holmes feature, with Robert Downey Jr. starring as the grand old detective. (Plus Jude Law as Dr. Watson!)