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“I Have to Admit I Was a Prat”

“I used to give myself airs and graces when I was younger,” he said in the glow of victory. “I have to admit I was a prat. I was rude to people if I’d had a bad round, and it wasn’t right. But I like to think I have
learned from my mistakes.”Nice little story about Darren Clarke, winner of this year’s British Open.

John Daly Misses Whole Milk

His weight has dropped to 195 pounds, and his drink of choice is Diet Coke. His says the thing he misses most is whole milk, which his stomach can’t handle any more either. “I used to drink a half gal of that a day,” he said. “When you were as hungover as I used to be, it was great. Got rid of everything.”

The Weird World of Golf Wear

Tiger Woods has his shirts laid out for him — a year in advance.Nike had its first meetings about Woods’s 2009 British Open wardrobe 17 months ago.