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Dr. Laura Schlessinger, ‘Agony Aunt’

It cracks me up that both The Telegraph and The Guardian call Dr. Laura an “agony aunt” in describing her racial struggles this week.As Fat Tony says on The Simpsons, “It’s funny because it’s true.”

Snoop Dogg on TomTom GPS

Makers of celebrity-voiced navigation software VoiceSkins have announced the addition of rapper Snoop Dogg (born Cordozar Broadus) to their list of famous voices for the TomTom GPS.

The Simpsons on Postage Stamps

The United States Postal Service is promoting new stamps featuring The Simpsons.They want to know which is your favorite Simpson stamp.You can win a poster of Matt Groening.

Patrick McGoohan, “The Prisoner,” Has Died

The actor was 80, says the BBC.McGoohan was chiefly associated with cult ITV drama The Prisoner, writing some of the episodes himself under a different name.McGoohan played the character Six in the surreal 1960s show, filmed in the north Wales village of Portmeirion.His character spent the entire time attempting to escape from The Village and finding out the identity of his captor, the elusive Number One.