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Photo of William Shakespeare in a crazy wide white starched collar, embroidered coat, bags under his eyes and bald pate with long hair down past his ears on each side

Happy 400th Deathday (Maybe) to William Shakespeare!

William Shakespeare, the Immortal Bard, proved all too mortal on this day 400 years ago. Or close to this day: he died on or about April 23, 1616. The exact day of Shakespeare’s …..

Stocking Up on Penguins for Christmas 2011

Our own Mr. Duffy recommends the Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection. 1,082 titles, “all great works of literature totaling nearly half a million pages,” from Shakespeare to the great Somerset Maugham.No, they’re not digitized: it’s actual paper copies, shipped on your very own 750-pound pallet.Per Kottke:

The Knave Abides

Here’s an update to our post about Two Gentlemen of Lebowski, that marvelous mash-up of the Coen brothers and William Shakespeare:DMTheatrics is staging what they say is the New York City premiere of Adam Bertocci’s play, which uses Shakespearean-style verse to retell the story of the movie The Big Lebowski (1998, starring Jeff Bridges).

Two Gentlemen of Lebowski

Fans of the Jeff Bridges movie The Big Lebowski should love Adam Bertocci’s terrific blend of William Shakespeare and the Coen brothers:Two Gentlemen of Lebowski.

Henry V at Agincourt

For the anniversary of Henry V’s victory over the French at Agincourt in 1415, a news release from historians at the University of Southampton has challenged the notion that the English were vastly outnumbered by the French.