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Here’s Ralph Fiennes in a Crazy Beard

Photo of Ralph Fiennes's beard, which is dark and scraggly and chin-centric

Ralph Fiennes has a crazy new friend: a scraggly Van Dyke-style beard.  

He’s in Croatia for a film festival screening of his directorial debut, Coriolanus, based on the William Shakespeare play.  Perhaps the beard is making up for how he looks as the title character in the movie itself:

Photo of Ralph Fiennes in Coriolanus, bald and in military fatigues, slouching in a chair
That shot is reminiscent of Marlon Brando as Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now. Or for that matter, of Harry, the nasty mob boss Fiennes played in the underrated 2008 thriller In Bruges.  
Yet another photo of Ralph Fiennes with a bushy van-dykey beard
But with the beard, he’s just a big cuddly hippie teddy bear.

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