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Who Was the Horta on ‘Star Trek’?

 Remember the Horta, from the Star Trek episode titled “Devil in the Dark”? I grew up watching Star Trek in black and white, so I’m always stunned to see it in color. It was news to me that the Horta was anything other than black with grey spots. In fact, it’s brown and orange, which makes it look like a shag rug or a wet piece of pepperoni pizza. And it turns out there’s a Hungarian underneath it, giving it life.

William Shatner is 80, Amazingly

Happy birthday to William Shatner, who is 80 years old, starring in his own sitcom, and looking good.  (The photo above was taken last month, not in 1998.) 

Robert Duvall is 80 Years Old

Robert Duvall turns 80 years old today. Happy birthday, old man! You’re the greatest. 

William Shatner Says “You’re. Having. The. Ribs.”

“They said I was this William Shatner character, and I figured I had to be it,” he said. “Pompous, takes himself seriously, hardheaded… So I played it. But I didn’t see it. That character doesn’t seem like me to me. I know the real William Shatner.”The New York Times studies the many iterations of William Shatner.