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The Death of a Newspaper

[1/1/08 Update: The Cincinnati Post and Clooney column links below are already dead — apparently turned off by Baby New Year as he passed through town at the stroke of midnight.]

Sad news for newspaper fans: the Cincinnati Post published its last edition today, ending its 126-year run and ending Cincinnati’s days as a two-newspaper town.

One man affected is Nick Clooney, who began writing his column of personal reflections for the Post in 1989. (You may know his slightly more famous son, George.)

Clooney’s final column is simple and sturdy, but his penultimate canine tale and his Christmas of ’74 report (with a cameo by 13-year-old George Clooney) were more warmly and typically Clooney-esque.

Read ’em fast, as the website is disappearing along with the paper. Archives of some of the paper’s stories will remain on, the website of the paper’s kissin’ cousin, The Kentucky Post. That paper is also closing, but the website will go on.

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