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The People Vs. George Lucas

There’s a new documentary coming out by filmmaker Alexandre O. Philippe about the complicated relationship between fans of Star Wars and its creator, George Lucas.

The movie is called The People vs. George Lucas, and it’s currently making the rounds, appearing at film festivals across the U.S. The official site for the film is here (though you may find more useful information at their blog).

Philippe explores the love/hate relationship the fans have with Lucas — the love they have for the first three movies, and the hate they feel for Jar Jar Binks and all that later stuff. Philippe seems to think there’s more to it than simple disappointment. Because Star Wars, as we’ve been told a bajillion times in the last 30 years, is a cultural marker, you see.

You can see a teaser for the film at this page from WIRED, which includes an interview with the filmmaker.

You can see a longer trailer here at Cinema Vertige, the production company of Alexandre O. Philippe and his wife, Vanessa. Go to the Theater section and look under “Films and Projects.”

And there are other interviews with Philippe, here on Salon and also at Twitch Film, here.

Mr. Binks with former president George H.W. Bush. Who2 file photo.

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