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The Wisecracker Suite

An annual tradition: The President lights the national Christmas tree, and reporters bring on the nyuks.

I count at least eight wisecracks in that LA Times post (“allegedly green”… “BlackBerry loving”… “aging Vice President”… “Watson, come here”… “unable to resist”… “Warning”… “obese, seasonally employed”… “wasting precious electrical energy”). Not bad for eight short paragraphs.

(The lights are actually energy-saving LEDs this year, but that would have cut into 2 of the 8 nyuks.)

Obama himself used the moment to take a partisan crack at Republican Grace Coolidge, now dead these 52 years.

In 1923, the Washington, D.C. Public Schools wrote a letter to the White House asking if they could put up a Christmas tree on the South Lawn. And First Lady Grace Coolidge said they could use the Ellipse. (Laughter.)

But you won’t see the liberal media calling him on that, dang it.

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