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This Mysterious 92-Year-Old Czar Runs Tootsie Roll Industries With a Chocolatey Iron Fist

Photo of a smiling elderly man and his not-quite-as-elderly wife

He looks friendly enough, but CEO Melvin Gordon must be hiding a secret deep inside the bowels of Tootsie Roll world headqarters. Per the Wall Street Journal:

Tootsie Roll shuns journalists, refuses to hold quarterly earnings calls, and issues crookedly-scanned PDFs for its earnings releases. The last securities industry analyst to maintain coverage of the company stopped last year because it was too hard to get information.
“I think the only way you can get a tour is by jumping over the fence and sneaking in,” said the last analyst to attempt the task, Elliott Schlang of Cleveland firm Great Lakes Review.
What could be going on in there? Low-fructose corn syrup being substituted for the real thing? Oompa-Loompas working beyond federally-mandated hours? 
The world may never know.
Turns out that Gordon’s company also makes Sugar Babies, Dots and Dubble Bubble. So whatever he’s doing in there, let’s let him just keep doing it.

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