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Valentine’s Day Special: Paperman

For Valentine’s Day: PapermanOscar-nominated romancimation from Disney director John Kahr.

Kahr went to school in Nova Scotia and says that his favorite movies include The Shining, Seven Samurai and Bambi. The idea for Paperman came to him when he was commuting through Grand Central Station in his 20s:

New York is a pretty intimidating place; people have their guard up. It’s odd to feel alone while being surrounded by people all the time. Sometimes you can make random connections with strangers, and I started thinking about that idea. What if someone made a connection? What if this guy made a connection with a girl and he lost her, and he spent the rest of the story trying to get her back? 

Those Disney animators sure never tire of drawing gorgeous big-eyed women and goofball guys. But hey, it’s a sweet story. Surely Uncle Walt would approve.



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