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Washington Doesn’t Cross Delaware

Rough water has blocked Revolutionary War buffs from reenacting George Washington‘s historic crossing of the Delaware River.

“This time, Delaware crosses up Washington” reports the Newark Star-Ledger.

Gen. Washington, you may recall, boated 2400 American soldiers (plus 50 horses!) across the Delaware for a surprise attack on Hessian troops on Christmas night of 1776. Final tally: 22 Germans killed, 900 captured, two colonials frozen to death.

The Washington Crossing Historic Park website has fine details on that original rough night, including a smackdown of Emanuel Leutze’s famous painting, plus a bonus semi-smackdown of the term Hessians. (Some were Anspach-Bayreuthians, don’t you know.)

The WCHP also answers the crucial question, “Did Washington ever eat a Hershey bar?”

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