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Wedding #3 for ‘President Bling Bling’

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has married the model and singer Carla Bruni in Paris, report the BBC and the IHT.

It’s Sarkozy’s third marriage. He and his second wife, Cecilia, were divorced last October, and he reportedly met Bruni shortly afterwards. He’s been president only since May, and already he’s been divorced, courted a new woman, and remarried.

Some in France are getting tetchy about Sarkozy’s high-profile private life, which has earned him the nickname of le Président Bling Bling.

The BBC, in its droll way, notes that Bruni’s “past liaisons with Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton have been analysed in great detail and near-naked photographs of her from her modelling days have been dug out for the centrespreads.”

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