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Where’s Buzz? At the Beverly Hilton!

Photo of Buzz Aldrin

Credit: FayesVision/

Buzz Aldrin is a stud. Dude landed on the moon. Whatever he and Neil Armstrong want to do with their time is OK by us. They could start robbing banks together and we wouldn’t say a word.

That said, we have noted with a smile how often Mr. Aldrin shows up in the daily celebrity photo feed from our friends at WENN. If he’s not arriving at Spago or the Beverly Hilton, he’s posing with Tim Allen or Tippi Hedren of The Birds fame.

He’s like the anti-Armstrong. He loves the camera!

Hence our new occasional photo series: Where’s Buzz? When we see him hanging with celebs, we’ll bring you the photos.

That’s him yesterday with his wife, Lois, at a charity lunch for the Friendly House. (At the Beverly Hilton!) Rock on, Buzz!

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