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Where’s Buzz? At the Berlin Film Festival!

Hero astronaut Buzz Aldrin and his wife, Lois Aldrin, pose with Alain Visser, a vice president for Opel, on Monday night. They were at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) – Cinema for Peace Gala, held at the Konzerthaus in Berlin, Germany.

Say It Ain’t So, Buzz!

Buzz Aldrin turned up at the Scientology Celebrity Center in Los Angeles this weekend for the “Church of Scientology Celebrity Center 41st Anniversary Gala.” 

Where’s Buzz? Out On His Ear!

Buzz Aldrin with partner Ashly DelGrosso-Costa on Dancing With the Stars.  Photo: ABC

Astronaut and super-stud Buzz Aldrin got the boot from Dancing With the Stars last night.

Where’s Buzz? Seeing Avatar!

Stud astronaut Buzz Aldrin and his wife, Lois, attend the premiere of Avatar in December at Grauman’s Chinese Theater.See Buzz in other places >>(Photo credit: Nikki Nelson /

Where’s Buzz? At the Costco in Marina Del Ray!

Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin signs copies of his book ‘Magnificient Desolation’ at Costco in Marina Del Ray, California on Saturday. (One in a series!)

Where’s Buzz? At the Beverly Hilton!

Buzz Aldrin is a stud. Dude landed on the moon. Whatever he and Neil Armstrong want to do with their time is OK by us. They could start robbing banks together and we wouldn’t say a word.