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Who Is Who2’s Mr. or Ms. 4000 ???

If you look at our front page, you’ll see that Who2 hit the exciting 4000 mark this weekend. Who is lucky #4000?

Photo of Shailene Woodley with her arms in the air

Sorry, actress Shailene Woodley: you celebrated too early. You were great in The Descendants, but you’re only #3998.

Dennis Van Tine / Future Image /

And sorry, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Congratulations may be in order (keep up that peaceful chatter!) but you were #3999.

Who is the mystery person remarkable enough to be Who2’s landmark 4000th profile since we began doing biographies in 1998? We’ll tell you very soon.

Hint: it’s an inventor.

In the meantime, see our 3000th biography, from back in 2007: the late and great Roberto Clemente.

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