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Why Does Who2 Look So Strange?

A photo of Frankenstein's monster from the movie of the (almost) same name

The Who2 you’re seeing today likely looks different from the layout you’re used to. 

There’s a good reason for that: We’ve signed up with Ezoic, a company that machine-tests a wide variety of layouts and formats in order to find the ones that get the most traffic and generate the most ad income.

Some of the layouts are frankly quite crazy, with ads at the top and white space in strange places. This is in large part because human designers aren’t involved. But over time, as the robot overlords learn which layouts are getting the best results, things should begin to look more orderly.

The version of the site you’re seeing is one of a dozen or more that Who2 users are seeing right now. 10% of viewers see the original site, which remains in place as a constant so we can measure results. (If the layout you’re seeing looks the same as always, you’re one of that 10%.)

If you have any problems with actual function of the site, or see things that seem not just crazy but offensive or broken, please contact us at [email protected].

In the meantime, thanks for helping us work toward a better and more effective Who2.

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