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Wings, Medium; Obama, Smokin’ Hot

President Barack Obama got medium wings and hot chat yesterday on his trip through Buffalo, New York.

Obama stopped for lunch at Duff’s Famous Chicken Wings, ordering 10 medium wings (five extra crispy) plus fries and onion rings. Then the president got some extra-spicy banter from local resident Luann Haley, who told him: “You’re a hottie with a smokin’ little body.”

(Remarkably, a Buffalo clerk said the exact same thing to Grover Cleveland in 1874.)

Obama hugged Haley “and reminded her that his wife, Michelle, would be catching the TV footage later. Haley responded: ‘Michelle, eat your heart out, honey!'”

Good for her. Other highlights of the visit:

  • Barack Obama is “soft and cuddly”
  • The president is “skinny” and “younger than he appears on TV”
  • Barack Obama “knows a thing or two about ultimate fighting”
  • Medium is HOT. Medium hot IS VERY HOT.”

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