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Hard Hats and Hisahito: This Week in Biographies

It’s not clear who to thank for Labor Day, but we give it a shot. Also: a Japanese prince turns 5, a Pretenders princess turns 60, and it’s quite clear who’s responsible for the only presidential baby ever born in the White House.Read it all >>

How Many Other Presidents Turned 50 in Office?

Barack Obama turns 50 years old on this very day.  Question: How many other U.S. presidents have turned 50 while in office?  Take a guess, and we’ll give you the answer after this roll call.

Two Presidents Died On This Day

On this day in history, two United States presidents died — 46 years apart.
President Martin Van Buren died on June 24th in 1862, and President Steve Cleveland died on June 24th in 1908.
Steve Cleveland? Yes, Grover Cleveland’s real first name was Stephen.

Wings, Medium; Obama, Smokin’ Hot

President Barack Obama got medium wings and hot chat yesterday on his trip through Buffalo, New York.Obama stopped for lunch at Duff’s Famous Chicken Wings, ordering 10 medium wings (five extra crispy) plus fries and onion rings. Then the president got some extra-spicy banter from local resident Luann Haley, who told him: “You’re a hottie with a smokin’ little body.”