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Woman, 98, Accused of Killing 100-Year-Old Roommate

A 98-year-old woman was indicted Friday on a second-degree murder charge that alleges she strangled her 100-year-old nursing home roommate after making the victim’s life “a living hell” because she thought the woman was “taking over the room.”

It happened in a nursing home in sleepy New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Lara Lundquist is now the oldest murder defendant in state history. Her roommate was found was found dead in her bed with a plastic bag tied around her head.

The Globe says she’s not much of a sweet old lady:

Afterward, when she was placed in a different room, Lundquist observed a white plastic bag similar to the one found over Barrow’s head, and told her new roommate, “I hope I don’t have to use that.”

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