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A Brief Interview with Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu, she’s “artistic, altruistic” and more!

“Don’t be fooled by the tough exterior,” this piece from the L.A. Times Magazine says. Did you know Lucy Liu had a tough exterior? Like suede, I think.

It’s a brief Q&A with the star best known for her roles in Ally McBeal, Charlie’s Angels and Quentin Tarantino‘s Kill Bill: Vol. 1. I don’t follow Lucy Liu’s career, so I didn’t know that she was in the Broadway play God of Carnage.

I saw the Roman Polanski movie version, and now I know that Lucy Liu played the character on stage that Kate Winslet plays in the movie. The barfing gal, not the other gal.

I also now know that Lucy Liu speaks six languages. And she doesn’t read what’s written about her in any of those languages, apparently. No Twitter, no Facebook, no Pinterest… but she is on Craigslist. Just kidding.

Most amazing, however, is that Lucy Liu plays the accordion. Yes, that’s what it says, the accordion.

I think she looks like this with an accordion

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