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Al Gore is 64 and May Be Tired of Being Right

Photo of Al Gore in a blue business suit and silky light blue tie, half smiling as he stands on the street in front of onlookers
Al Gore was right about the Internet — long before most anyone else in public life even knew what it was — and Al Gore was also right about climate change, long before most people were willing to accept it.
Maybe we should ask him what’s coming next.
Of course, what he got for being right was eight years as vice president, a lot of jokes about “inventing” the Internet, and a kick in the chops from five Republican appointees on the Supreme Court in 2000.  He may not be much interested in being ahead of his time any more.
In any case, Al Gore turns 64 today. Happy birthday Mr. Gore, with our warm thanks for all you did to help make the web the beautiful thing it is now.

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