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Brett Kavanaugh smiles in judicial robes and a tidy haircut

Brett Kavanaugh Biography (New!)

Our new Brett Kavanaugh biography is live. Brett Kavanaugh is the U.S. Court of Appeals judge who has been nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court by President Donald Trump. If …..

Merrick Garland Biography – New!

Our Merrick Garland biography is now live. Merrick Garland is the U.S. Court of Appeals judge nominated to the Supreme Court by President Barack Obama on March 16, 2016. Here …..

Sri Srinivasan in a blue suit with blue tie and white shirt, in front of a U.S. Flag

Sri Srinivasan Biography: New!

Our Sri Srinivasan biography is now live. Sri Srinivasan is the U.S. Court of Appeals judge who seems to be one of the leading candidates to fill the Supreme Court …..

E.L. Doctorow Tees Off

Celebrated author E.L. Doctorow offers a how-to guide to American “unexceptionalism.”

Hey Hey! We’re Smarter Than Jeffrey Toobin!

Veteran legal analysts are shocked, shocked that the Supreme Court’s conservatives are shooting down a Democratic health care plan. Yet we predicted it last week.

Barack Obama: “This Will Be My Final Campaign”

“This will be my final campaign, at least as a candidate.”So said Barack Obama in an email to supporters this morning, announcing that he’s filing the paperwork to run for president in 2012.

Who Does Elena Kagan Look Like?

Earlier we proposed Burt Reynolds to star as Antonin Scalia in a TV movie about the tea party.That got us thinking about who would play the other justices.  Now we see that the people at AboveTheLaw have already held a lookalike contest for Justice Elena Kagan.

Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill: The Shame of It All

So Ginny Thomas — wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas — called Anita Hill this week, out of the blue, to ask for an apology.  The transcript of the phone message:

Elena Kagan is the Next William Rehnquist

Neither one had judicial experience before being nominated to the Supreme Court.William Rehnquist was nominated to the court (and then became Chief Justice) after serving as a lawyer in the Richard Nixon administration.  Elena Kagan was nominated after serving as a lawyer in the Bill Clinton administration, and as Solicitor General under Barack Obama.

John Paul Stevens, Nice Guy

A clerk remembers retiring Justice John Paul Stevens: During William Rehnquist’s tenure as chief justice, a lawyer was
arguing in the court for the first time. When asked a question by
Justice Anthony Kennedy, the nervous lawyer started her response with,
“Well, Judge –Chief Justice Rehnquist interrupted her. “That’s
Justice Kennedy,” he said.

John Paul Stevens: The Coin Flip That Changed His Life

Art Seder: “When we graduated in 1947, the Northwestern faculty had an understanding with Justice Wiley Rutledge of the Supreme Court that he would take one Northwestern student as a law clerk.”But the faculty, Seder says, didn’t want to pick between him and Stevens.Seder: “So they asked us to flip a coin to decide who would go down to Washington as law clerk.”Nice piece from CPR on retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.

Why Does David Souter Hate America’s Capital?

Justice David Souter will retire from the Supreme Court when its current session ends in July.After his two decades on the Court, the news seems to be all about how much Souter hates Washington, D.C.

A gray-haired and balding Salmon Chase sits in black robes and black tie. His eyebrows are, frankly, all over the place.

The ‘Fishy’ Name of Salmon P. Chase

“In addition to the humiliation he felt over his speaking voice, Salmon Chase was tormented by his own name. He fervently wished to change its ‘awkward, fishy’ sound to something more elegant. ‘How wd. this name do (Spencer de Cheyce or Spencer Payne Cheyce),’ he inquired of [his friend Charles] Cleveland. ‘Perhaps you will laugh at this but I assure you I have suffered no little inconvenience.'”The touching words of ambitious young Salmon P.