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Art Beast Pablo Picasso, The Video

A 1929 oil painting by Pablo Picasso was defaced in Houston. The act was captured on video, of course!

Part of the Menil Collection in Houston, Texas, Pablo Picasso‘s painting titled Woman in a Red Arm Chair was defaced by a “stencil-artist” named Uriel Landeros, according to recent reports

Landeros was captured on video AND he posted it on Facebook. How modern, if not exactly avant-garde.

Here’s the video of the offense, titled “Art Beast Pablo Picasso,” showing a man going right up to the painting and stenciling a picture of a bullfight and the word “conquista” (caution: there’s a tad bit of bad language at the beginning of the video):

The painting was “rushed” into restoration to get fixed. At least it wasn’t stolen by a guy in a checkered shirt.

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