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2997… 2998… 2999…

Who2 is very close to the magical round number of 3000 profiles. The profiles leading up to 3000 have been the usual marvelous jumble of types. 2997 was Mel Blanc, the voice of cartoon icon Bugs Bunny. 2998 was Mary Todd Lincoln, the troubled wife of President Abraham Lincoln. And 2999, just published, is of clergyman and anti-war activist William Sloane Coffin.

Bonds Hits 756

Yup, he did it. Barry Bonds hit his 756th career home run on Tuesday night to become American baseball’s all-time home run leader. He did the trick with a homer off of Washington Nationals pitcher Mike Bacsik.The San Francisco Chronicle is a good place to read all about it.

Duelling Herods

Religion and antiquities editor Hans Holznagel has just come up with two new profiles of juicy Biblical villains: King Herod and Herod Antipas.Herod #1 is the ruler who, in the famous story, ordered the murder of all Bethlehem boys under age 2. (The toddler Jesus of Nazareth escaped just in time.) Herod #2, Herod Antipas, is the dude who beheaded John the Baptist.

The Third (and Final?) Bourne

Matt Damon returns this weekend in The Bourne Ultimatum, his third film as the heroic amnesiac Jason Bourne.

Death Comes in Threes

It’s an old gag, but in this case it held true: Soon after Ingmar Bergman comes news of the deaths of two other celebrities: iconoclastic late-night TV host Tom Snyder and San Francisco 49ers coach Bill Walsh.

Bergman Passes

Film director Ingmar Bergman, dead at 89.

Lede of the Week

“Someone once noted that watching members of Congress question Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was a little like watching the clubbing of a baby seal.”-Time magazine unloads on memory-impaired AG Alberto Gonzales. (The original “baby seal” reference apparently came in this CNN report by Suzanne Malveaux in April.)

Mister Lawrencium

Interesting new profile by editor Paul Hehn of Ernest O. Lawrence, the creator of the cyclotron and the father of “big science.” His creations led to the discovery of lawrencium, californium, and those other crazy elements at the end of the periodic table of the elements.

Spock is Back

Actor Leonard Nimoy told an excited crowd at Comic-Con yesterday that he will return as the beloved Vulcan Mr. Spock in another Star Trek movie.

The Muppets Take Atlanta

The family of Jim Henson is donating many of his original Muppets to a museum in Atlanta, according to The New York Times.

Headline of the Day

“Potter defeated by Sandler’s fake gay firemen.”That’s Britain’s The Guardian describing the weekend U.S. boxoffice. (Translation: Adam Sandler’s film I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry took in $34.8 million to only $32.2 million for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.)

Tammy Faye Remembered

Tammy Faye Messner died on Friday after a long struggle with cancer. 48 hours earlier she had taped a final interview with Larry King, looking terribly gaunt (video) and saying her weight had dropped to 65 pounds.

Poker Quote of the Month

“I’ve seen the miracles of God with my own eyes. I did a lot of bluffing, also.”Professional poker has its latest unknown champion: Jerry Yang, a psychologist from Temecula, California, has won the 2007 World Series of Poker.

Federer’s Fifth

Roger Federer claimed his fifth straight Wimbledon singles title today. The feat ties him with Swedish great Bjorn Borg, who pulled the same trick from 1976-80.On the distaff side, Venus Williams won her impressive fourth (non-consecutive) Wimbledon singles title this year.

There’s a New Glutton in Town

Joey Chestnut has shocked the world of competitive eating. The civil engineering student from San Jose ate an astonishing 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes in the annual Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating competition at Coney Island. (That’s one hot dog every 10.91 seconds, if you’re counting at home.) It’s a new world record, by 6.5 dogs.

Notes From a Lynwood Jail

It isn’t exactly Folsom Prison, but Paris Hilton entered a Los Angeles jail on Sunday night to serve her time for violating parole by driving with a suspended license. A few notes:

The Latest From Loch Ness

Just in time for tourist season, the latest “sighting” of the Loch Ness Monster is being reported. You don’t think that the Tourism Board of Scotland… well, let’s let that unkind thought pass.

‘Right Said Fred’

He hasn’t formally, formally announced his candidacy, but Republican actor-politician Fred Thompson has dropped enough hints that we’ve added him to our list of Candidates 2008.USA Today says that Thompson will announce his run on July 4th. There’s something symbolic about that date, apparently.

Born in 1917

Amazing but true: President John F. Kennedy would be 90 years old today.A few others born in 1917 who are still alive now: actor Ernest Borgnine, singer Lena Horne, and sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke.

The Japanese Way?

You might have thought that committing suicide in disgrace was just an old cliche about Japan, but the practice seems to be alive and well. So to speak.