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The Dark Knight Returns — Yet Again!

Who2 Labs engineer Mike Duffy sends along this trailer for the latest Batman movie, due next summer.

The swell Christian Bale returns as the Dark Knight, with Heath Ledger showing his chops as the latest scenery-chewing Joker.

Bless this classic franchise and all, but isn’t it time for a new interpretation? The gloomy, broody ol’ caped crusader has been done to death in the 21 (count ’em!) years since Frank Miller‘s brilliant graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns. Making the Joker double-extra psychotic won’t fix that.

(Side note: perhaps “Rearranging makeup on the Joker’s face” can replace “Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic” as a phrase for pointless busyness?)

How about this for a twist: Turn the franchise over to Michael Caine, as the true crimefighting brains behind a callow Bruce Wayne, in… Alfred!

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