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Brosnan, Bewhiskered

We missed the French Connection phase of Pierce Brosnan‘s facial life, but it’s so jolly we’re posting the photo now anyway.

This is from from 2006, when Brosnan was on the David Letterman show promoting his (somewhat) underrated and (very) offbeat film The Matador.

Not too many big stars would have taken on The Matador, but Brosnan is frankly gleeful in the role of the skirt-chasing hit man with maybe, barely, a wee bit of conscience. The role includes plenty of naughty (well, vulgar) talk that lurches well beyond “antidote to Bond typecasting” and into “I can’t believe he just said that” territory.

Anyway, love the beard.

We’ve just posted many photos of Brosnan because he’s so darned good-looking. Here he is in a more recent shot, with his wife Keely Shaye Smith at the opening of Mamma Mia last summer.

Wasn’t that supposed to be a chick flick, by the way? You wouldn’t know it from the crowd behind Brosnan.

(Photo credit: WENN)

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