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Bruce Willis at 57: Recent Photos

Bruce Willis is looking pretty good.

Photo of Bruce Willis standing with his wife, Emma

Willis was born on March 19 of 1955, which makes him 57 this year. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Tim Berners-Lee were born the same year, but Bruce Willis turned out to be a movie star, not a high-tech whiz.

He’s been as good in Hollywood as Bill Gates was in Seattle. Willis has covered most of the bases: action hero (Die Hard, etc.), hit TV series (Moonlighting), quirky films (Pulp Fiction), spoofing his own action heros (The Fifth Element), etc, etc.

He also seems to enjoy being a movie star, which earns him extra points. That’s him with his newish wife, Emma Heming, at a movie premiere last year.

Photo of Bruce Willis in a khaki-style jacket, smiling slightly in the night

Bruce Willis has a knack for staying busy. The IMDB says he’s got seven (count ’em) movies coming out this year. One is the kidnapped-family thriller The Cold Light of Day (above), with Willis playing older-dad-with-a-CIA-secret, not young-hero-stud-with-a-gun.

Bruce Willis and Caroline Goodall, 'The Cold Light of Day'

But he’s also still playing studly in two big-budget actioners: The Expendables 2 (the Sylvester Stallone semi-geriatric franchise) and GI Joe: Retaliation with the delightfully-muscular Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

A photo of super-muscular Dwayne Johnson standing at a war room table next to confident-looking Bruce Willis

Both men may be bald, but the difference in star power is pretty clear here. Like Clark Gable, Willis has always been more about the smirk than the scowl.

Photo of a bottle of Bruce Willis cologne

He’s even got his own Bruce Willis cologne (that is, eau de parfum) which he released in 2010.  He’s keeping busy indeed. Happy 57th birthday to him.

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