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Busy Weekend at the “ER to the Stars”

It’s no secret that Cedars-Sinai is our favorite Hollywood hospital.

So we’re thrilled — thrilled — to report that two celebs had babies there this weekend.

On Saturday, actress Kate Hudson had a boy at Cedars-Sinai with her fiancé, the rock singer Matthew Bellamy. It’s her second child: she has a son, Ryder Russell, with the rock singer Chris Robinson. (Kate Hudson was herself born at Cedars-Sinai in 1979.)

On Sunday, fashion plate Victoria Beckham (and her husband, David Beckham) had a baby daughter, named Harper Seven. What’s with that middle name?

Harper Seven was born Sunday morning in L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center weighing 7 lbs. (and 10 oz.) in the seventh hour in the seventh month — on the seventh day of the week.

As sports fans can’t help but also note, seven was David’s jersey number for Manchester United and the English national team.”

And why Cedars-Sinai?

“Cedars-Sinai has some pretty sweet maternity ward perks, which is one of the reasons that many a star checks in there. In addition to their top-notch doctors there are the spacious private rooms, gourmet meals and adjacent rooms with beds for the star’s husband, hairdresser and/or assistants.”

Most of us forget to ask for a room for our hairdressers when we give birth. That attention to detail is how stars get to be stars.

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