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Chandra Levy Trial Begins, Nine Years Later

Washington DC intern Chandra Levy disappeared in 2001, and her remains were found the next year in Rock Creek Park.  The sensational case ended the political career of Rep. Gary Condit, whose affair with Levy was uncovered (and made him look briefly like a suspect) during the search for her killer.

Today the trial begins for Ingmar Guandique, the man police think really did kill Chandra Levy.  He’s an illegal immigrant from El Salvador who’s been in jail for other crimes since 2002.

Cops went so far as to set Guandique up with a phony prison pen-pal, hoping he’d admit to the killing in a letter.  Apparently he hasn’t.

The Modesto Bee has full detailed coverage of the Chandra Levy case.

(Photo of Chandra Levy: Jon Michael Terry)

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