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Charlie Sheen – Brooke Mueller Brouhaha Update

It’s complicated, as they say at the movies.

Actor Charlie Sheen and wife Brooke Mueller are planning to get counseling after their Christmas Day fray in Aspen, Colorado — the one that ended with Sheen being charged with felon assault, menacing, and “criminal mischief.” That’s according to People magazine, which has this (alleged) scoop on the situation:

“They were fighting at a dinner in a friend’s house and it continued until the next morning,” a source close to Mueller tells PEOPLE. “Both of them were drinking and neither was supposed to be. They both have histories of alcohol abuse and have made every effort to stop. But things got out of hand.”

Out of hand, yes.  Just out of hand is now a point of some confusion. claims that Mueller had a blood-alcohol content of 0.13 (at 8:40 in the morning), that she told cops that Sheen threatened her with a knife, and that she is now recanting much of her story.

E! Online makes the lively claim that the whole problem is that Sheen is too much of a brainy homebody:

“Brooke and Charlie have had many fights during their short marriage over his insistence on staying home and never wanting to go out,” the source said… “She is very social and Charlie hates all of the social stuff. He is cerebral and not interested in fluff.”

Both Sheen and Mueller are now back in Los Angeles.  And that’s your crucial Sheen-Mueller update of the day.

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