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Claire Danes Photos for No Reason At All

Let’s look at photos of Claire Danes, just because she’s an attractive actress who appears in television shows and motion pictures.

Photo of Claire Danes with her hair up and in a pink sheer dress

This is how Claire Danes looked at the Vanity Fair Oscar party last year.  A wider shot:

Claire Danes photo, hand on hip, in a red party dress

Nice dress!  

Claire Danes photo, with her in a winter coat being kissed by two college men dressed as women

Also last year (we’re behind the times, we know) she was named the Woman of the Year by Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Club. Which means being given a stuffed bear (also for no reason) and being kissed by college men dressed as women.

Clair Danes photo, with her dancing on stage barefoot (possibly the Charleston)

It also means doing a little barefoot dance…

Claire Danes photo, mugging for the audience as she holds a small gold pot

…and being a good sport as you accept your golden pudding pot.

Claire Danes photo in a balaclava type of deal, looking pensive or haunted

Meanwhile, she’s also been starring in the popular TV series Homeland, often looking pensive and/or haunted.

Claire Danes photo in Homeland, with her sitting in an office in front of perpetrator photos

She playes a bipolar CIA counter-terrorism expert. With a heart of gold. (Sort of.)

Claire Danes photo in a blue dress

It’s not a “fun” show, exactly. But it did win Claire Danes the Emmy as best actress in a dramatic series last year — beating Glenn Close, Kathy Bates, Julianna Margulies, Elisabeth Moss and Michelle Dockery (of Downton Abbey fame). Tough competition.

Claire Danes photo in a yellow dress, holding her Emmy Award in two hands and smile-grimacing

Here she is, in fact, accepting that Emmy Award.

Nikki Nelson /

She’s married now, alas, to actor Hugh Dancy. You can tell he doesn’t really deserve her. It looks like he may be losing some of his hair up front, and possibly he’s growing it out in a desparate attempt to retain her affection. Just speculating, here.

Let’s go back to happier days. Remember how charming she was in this Gap commercial in 2007?

Photo of Claire Danes showing Steve Martin some gloves in 'Shopgirl'

Also, she was quite awesome with the great Steve Martin in the 2005 film Shopgirl. But it didn’t end happily.

Photo of Claire Danes clutching a Screen Actors Guild award

Here’s wishing her happy endings in real life.  (Except for the Hugh Dancy thing.) She’s terrific.

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