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Did Bigfoot Get a New Agent?

For a guy who’s never even been seen, Bigfoot sure has been getting a lot of press these last couple of years. Did he get a new agent?

If so, double that agent’s salary because Bigfoot is hot right now! 

This week the New York Times Travel section featured a piece called “How to Hunt Bigfoot.” It doesn’t actually tell you how to hunt Bigfoot, of course, because headlines don’t have to have anything to do anything. It is about how you can pay a few hundred dollars and have professional Bigfoot hunters take you out into the woods and try to scare you.

What makes them professional Bigfoot hunters? Well, you just paid them a few hundred dollars, remember?

The fellows mentioned in the article, Matt Moneymaker and Cliff Barackman, are behind the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, the B.F.R.O. That should not be confused with the B.P.R.D, the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense — the outfit Hellboy works for.

The B.F.R.O. has their own TV series now on Animal Planet. In Finding Bigfoot, the B.F.R.O. team travels around the country meeting people who have the absolute latest in fuzzy videos and indistinct eyewitness accounts.

Here’s the team:

The Bigfoot Field Research Organization

Here’s a sample of the kinds of evidence they get:

That's... uh, that's Bigfoot on the right

And Bigfoot also has a new movie out, Letters from the Big Man. It shows his tender side, as you can see from the trailer:

Bigfoot doesn’t always have a tender side, as you can see from his other recent movie, Throwback:

“Throwback” is what this horror film says they call Bigfoot in Australia. Even though everybody knows they really call him Yowie.

I don’t think Australians have to worry about being attacked by a Yowie, however. Even Tim the Yowie Man, famous in those parts for his version of Finding Bigfoot, doesn’t seem to have enough Bigfoot hunting to fill up the airtime:

I’m hoping that VH-1 will be coming out with a Behind the Monster: Bigfoot special. I’d like to know what happened to him after the success of Harry and the Hendersons, and why it took so long for his career to bounce back from that.

The top photo here is what’s known as the “Jacobs Photograph.” Taken at night with what’s called a game camera (because it’s a fun game to figure out just what the heck is in the photographs), this photo shows some creature that ain’t a bear and it ain’t a deer and it ain’t a patient who wandered away from the Nursing Home for the Hirsute.

To keep up on the lastest Bigfoot career news, I suggest The Bigfoot Lunch Club. Find out about the latest sightings, recent developments and, best of all, the arguments over which Bigfoot hunter has the most credibility.

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