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Did Kwilliam Snub Marack?

A new email rumor has Prince William and Kate Middleton snubbing President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle with a pointed non-invitation to their royal wedding in April.

Not really the case, says

The nuptial couple has announced its desire to hold a ‘people’s wedding’
populated with invitees garnered from the Prince’s work among his 21 charities
rather than one with a guest list adorned with heads of state… There’s no evidence for the tabloid-style claims that Prince William or
Kate Middleton have taken a dislike to Michelle Obama, that either of
them fear Mrs. Obama will attempt to upstage the bride, or that Mrs. Obama called Diana (William’s mother) an ‘over-sexed clothes horse’ or maintained she was ‘more popular than Diana ever was.’

Thank goodness.  See the full Snopes story.

(Photo: Marack meet William’s grandparents, Quilip, at Buckingham Palace in 2009. Photo Pool/Anwar Hussein Collection/

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