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Did Kwilliam Snub Marack?

A new email rumor has Prince William and Kate Middleton snubbing President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle with a pointed non-invitation to their royal wedding in April.

“Why is the Alien Person Wearing a Stanford T-Shirt?”

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip put on 3D glasses yesterday at the University of Sheffield. They were actually driving a virtual backhoe, not watching Avatar. The Queen looked tentative at first, but then seemed to get the hang of 3D.

A Stroll in the Garden

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip shelter from the rain as they arrive at the Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace last Tuesday.What a great shot. A day in the life.

Happy 8th Birthday, Sasha Obama

First daughter Sasha Obama turns eight today. (She’s exactly 80 years younger than Britain’s Prince Philip.)Last year we analyzed the mystery of Sasha’s exact birthday.