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Did This Man Kill Chandra Levy?

The Washington Post has concluded its 12-part series on the death of Chandra Levy and has named a suspect: a Salvadoran immigrant named Ingmar Guandique.

Guandique is not unknown to police. He’s currently serving 10 years in federal prison for assaulting two other women in Rock Creek Park, where Levy was killed.

The Post says of those who investigated the Levy case, “Nearly all of them consider Guandique to be the prime suspect.”

Guandique denies that he killed Levy, and he has not been charged with the crime. It seems unlikely that anyone ever will be, in part because Levy’s body, and any evidence that might have been with it, were not found for a full year.

The Post also notes that Gary Condit, the Congressman who had a hidden relationship with Levy, is not considered a suspect by investigators.

Condit still seems to be his own worst enemy in public relations, though. He told the paper in a recent interview: “I know that Chandra and her family are the victims. And I get that. But I could not even imply [back then] that I was being victimized at the same time. I felt like my reputation was being raped. That I was being assaulted physically and I could not defend myself. It was the equivalent to me of a rape.”

Another Condit interview earlier this year with California Conversations included this awkward exchange:

Condit: I did not have a romantic relationship with Chandra Levy.

CC: Are you drawing a distinction between a romantic relationship and a sexual relationship?

Condit: It’s none of your business. I mean, if I were to start answering it, well then, how many times did you have sex? All these other women that have been mentioned, did you have sex with them? It just goes on and on. My private life is my private life. If we don’t reclaim that, we’re all going to be designated as public people and we will have no more civil liberties.

The full Washington Post series is well worth the read for those interested in the case.

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