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Donald Sutherland Still Looks Supercool

Donald Sutherland poses on Hollywood Boulevard after receiving his star on the Walk of Fame. 

Not many can pull off the pinstriped-suit-with-Santa-Claus-beard look.

Sutherland’s new star is right next to the star for his son Kiefer Sutherland.  Somehow Kiefer got a star first, in 2008, possibly as a publicity stunt for the show 24

Kiefer couldn’t make it yesterday, but sent a message saying “how proud I am to have you as my father and how even more proud I am to be your son.” 

Standing in for Kiefer was Colin Farrell, the “Hollywood bad boy” and Donald Sutherland’s co-star in the upcoming movie Horrible Bosses. Plus the rest of the Sutherland family:

The stars always seem to feel that these Walk of Fame ceremonies are a bit cheesy — and they’re right. Star-giving is typically timed as a publicity stunt for a particular TV show or film (like Horrible Bosses with Colin Farrell, say).

But that’s Hollywood, after all.  And if anyone deserves a pat on the back for a career full of interesting movies, it’s D. Sutherland.

In the end, he got a memento to take home, too:

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